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  • Jennifer Guimond-Quigley was Featured on WCIU’s The Jam

    Jennifer Guimond-Quigley discusses creating living wills with The Jam. To learn more Click here  Read More

  • A Guide to Split Parenting Time in the Summer

    The summer can be a challenging time for parents who are divorced or are in the midst of a divorce. When kids are  Read More

  • How to File Taxes in the Middle of a Divorce

    Tax season is in full swing, and filing can be difficult even when you aren’t going through a divorce. So how do couples  Read More

  • Estate Planning for Retirees

    Retirement brings many changes to your estate. For starters, your source of income will no longer be the same as when you were  Read More

  • Jennifer Guimond-Quigley Discusses Pet Inheritance CBS Money Watch

    CBS Money Watch reached out to Jennifer to discuss Karl Lagerfeld's inheritance to his beloved cat, Choupette. Click here  Read More

  • Bankrate Features Jennifer Guimond-Quigley

    Jennifer spoke to Bankrate about the major life changes that warrant a look at your estate like marriage, becoming a parent and retirement. Click here  Read More

  • Estate Planning for New Parents

    When you decide to grow your family, there are the obvious things to think about like buying a crib or stocking up on  Read More

  • Estate Planning Triggers

    Having an estate plan is crucial to ensuring that your assets go to the right people, but as life happens, things change and  Read More

  • How to Be In Business With Your Spouse

    Planning your estate and finances as a business owner can be tricky. When entering into business with your spouse, it’s even more important  Read More

  • Estate Planning for Recently Engaged and Newlywed Couples

    As soon as “I do’s” have been exchanged, a couple’s legal and financial connection takes on fresh meaning.  Engaged couples should begin discussing  Read More

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