Jennifer helped us really understand the implications of the choices we were making. Planning for the worst case scenario isn't fun, or easy, but Jennifer was sensitive to our feelings and gave us the knowledge to make informed decisions. She made sure we truly understood all the implications of our decisions and was patient with all of my "what if" questions.

- Laura

In early 2013 Jennifer provided my partner and I excellent service in establishing our living wills and trusts. She was always patient with our work schedules regarding meetings and over-the-phone follow-up and had a keen attention to detail. I would gladly work with Jennifer again, and at the least plan on going to her for guidance or referrals for all of my legal matters.

- Erik

We worked with Jennifer to create our estate plan after our first child was born. We had many questions- we weren’t exactly sure how we wanted things structured; but Jennifer was always patient. She was professional and accommodating to our schedules and answered all of our questions clearly, so that we could understand our options.

- Marissa

The thing that impressed me about Jennifer is that she took a potentially intimidating situation and made it simple. She provided me with an easy to follow list, making the process easy.

- Lynn

Jennifer was great to work with, she was easy to talk to, and if something was stressful or confusing she took the time to explain everything to me. She exceeded my expectations.

- Elyse

She was kind, courteous, knew what she was doing, and was very timely.

- Frank

Being a self-employed buyer, even with available funds, the odds were against me. Jennifer was there every single step of the way. This deal was not just a transaction and signing paperwork, Jennifer eased the stress that I felt, that I never knew how horrible a simple buying experience could make me feel for such a long time. Jennifer wanted me to win, we were in a fight together and she never even came close to giving up, she puts her clients first and her dedication is evident. It felt like I was working with my favorite sister, rather than an attorney. On a scale of 1-10, Jennifer tips the scale at 11.

- Alex


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